Do I Need a Referral for a Chiropractor

Do I Need a Referral for a Chiropractor

At Modern Movement Clinic, one of the more common questions we get is, “Do I need a referral from an MD to see a Chiropractor?”. The short answer to the question is “No”. In fact, not just in the state of Colorado, but in all 50 states, Chiropractors are considered portal-of-entry or direct access, meaning that we are considered primary care providers and don’t need a referral to be seen.

This does not mean that you won\’t have a referral by another practitioner.  In the greater Denver and Golden areas of Colorado, Dr. Riley and Modern Movement Clinic often get referrals from Orthopedic Doctors and Primary Care Medical Doctors for acute and chronic pain, with a high prevalence in running and endurance sports injuries where overuse injuries are popular. When working with another practitioner or group of practitioners, keeping them updated on the progress of your condition is paramount in keeping success rates high.

Sometimes You Need a Referral

Other times, Modern Movement Clinic may have to refer you to another practitioner. If we feel another pair of eyes or care that is outside our scope of practice is necessary. This may include advanced imaging, pain medication or injections, or simply just confirmation of diagnosis. Most of the therapy done in-house revolves around passive and active therapy. For example, joint manipulation, active release therapy, or dry needling are more passive with mixing in active therapy and rehab that may include resistance bands and weights. We also offer 15-minute phone consultation. We will review if you are a great fit for Modern Movement Clinic. Otherwise, a referral is necessary first. The next time you ask yourself if you need a referral for a chiropractor, call us. If a referral is necessary, we’re happy to help provide you options.

You can also work with someone you have in the past that you know and trust.  This article from American Chiropractic Association can help answer many other frequently asked questions as well.

In Conclusion

Modern Movement Clinic helps people feel better about themselves. They focus to help people get back to leading a more productive and active lifestyle. Combining the movement and sports expertise of our practitioners with the knowledge and companionship of other professionals. The Medical Doctors and Orthopedic Specialists together make the ultimate therapeutic alliance.

No need for a referral, call us or visit our website today to get back to doing what you love.


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