Telehealth Consultations

Custom Consultations and Programs from the comfort of your home

We’re don’t have Modern in our name just because we used the most modern evidence based principles. We’re pretty tech savvy too.

Do you have pain you’re rehabbing from and not feeling like you’re getting the best help in your area? Do you live outside the Denver area and need a more focused approach to your rehab instead of recipe based rehab? Maybe you’re not even in pain but you want a more functional and medically guided strength building program? We think you’d work perfectly with the Modern Movement Clinic.

After your first visit, your Doctor will create a specific treatment plan for you and using many of the therapies below:

Would you like to know more in a quick way to tackle all your questions working online with us? Check out our FREE guide that addresses all the most frequently asked questions. Don’t let something newer (we’ve been doing it for awhile) like working online with a movement therapist, deter you from moving you closer to your goals.

How Can We Help You Online?

Get the help you deserve

Working online, otherwise known as Telehealth, through Modern Movement Clinic, gets you guidance from a movement professional and backing you need to work through your injury without having to jump through the hoops we all face today getting to your therapist whether that’s traffic or quality of care.

We have a range of options with virtual rehabilitation that you can customize to your needs.


How It Works


Book Your Initial Consultation

Choose a time and date that works with your schedule. We will meet initially for 45 minutes and think of it as us going through the process of getting to know one another like two friends catching up over coffee.


Video Consultation With Your Doctor

During our coffee and conversation, we will discuss your current injury and what you feel you’re struggling with at length. This is your time and we know that it’s YOUR pain. We give you guidance to understand what’s going on with your injury and what needs to be done to move towards recovery. You can read more about this process here (step process page). From there, the two of us will devise your initial plan of attack and take your goals into consideration. No cookie cutter approach here.

Follow Up Options


Pick Your Follow Up Plan

We have a couple of options for following up on your plan. We know some people are very independent and like to implement the drills and make sense of things before following up. We also know that some people like to have more of a personal guide or proverbially “have their hand held” through the process. You can choose the plan that is most appropriate for your needs and budget. Look at the two options below: (Self-Guided Programs, A La Carte Consultations & Strength Training Programming)

Self-Guided Programs

A plan you can go at your pace to get an edge over your pain and injury.

After our initial discussion, we sit down and design a custom rehab program for you to get started. We know that strength and implementation take time. Rather than sending just a fixed program, we put together advances and regressions you can use for weeks to months until you feel you are ready for something more challenging or reached a level of improvement you’re happy about.

We include details on how to manage symptoms, traffic you might find ahead and how to navigate those, and offer unlimited email support from the provider you work with so that you feel like you can stay on top of managing this situation.

Everyone has different timelines and response to programs. Most people see improvement with a single program however that doesn’t mean everyone does. For more extensive injuries or long standing problems, we need to consider a longer term approach may be required with multiple phases of the plan and might require additional work with various practitioners in your area. For these types of situations, follow up programming is an option at a reduced rate.

Each Custom Plan Includes:

Follow up video consultations are always available should you have complex questions, are confused on topics or things you’re going through and need more explanation, need more evaluation, or need or want to make changes to your programming. Maybe you even just want to discuss your progress or check in. We can work together to determine if more frequent follow ups might be needed based on your personal injury and need. These would fall under more the a la carte preference.


A La Carte Consultations​

Your care at your pace.

Perhaps you need more advice, more often. Conversely, maybe you feel confident after your consultation and choose to take your rehab into your own hands without a personal program. This allows you to check in periodically to ask more complex questions and get further and more advanced insight or guidance on what next steps are. These start at 15 minutes but can be up to 30 minutes for an additional fee.

Strength Training Programming​

Yep. We do strength training programming also. We work a lot with endurance athletes but our strength programming extends just beyond enhancing the performance for athletes. We use this program called Train Heroic that is completely personalized to your for the month. We give you 2-3 workouts a week that involve movements that works on some of the things we find during your movement exam. Think of it as ‘bulletproofing’ meaning we further strengthen what you’re already good at but also focus movements and lifts to enhance things we need to improve. You can see more about how to use the Train Heroic app below.