“Dr. Jesse Riley is not your typical chiropractor in the best way.” - Client Testimonial

The Difference You Experience at Modern Movement Clinic

At the MMC, we get a lot of stories of people who have had less than stellar experiences at other clinics and the healthcare system in general. Because we are a cash-based clinic, we get to do things a lot different than what you may have experienced before.

You’ll find that out as soon as you walk into the door and all through your care.

Think Less Doctor’s Office & More Lounge

Do you get nervous sitting in a Doctor’s office? So many people sitting around, magazines from the early 2000s, pragmatic receptionists that make you hand over IDs and sign a bunch of forms? We’re super chill here. Can we make you some hot tea? Are you a sparkling water fan? The only things from the early 2000s you’ll see here are some of the classic MTV music videos you might find on our TV.

Kick back and relax. You’re in a safe space.

But Don’t Relax For Too Long, We Like to Move It

You ever been to a clinic where you’re just left there for what seems like hours on heat, maybe told to bounce on a swiss ball, see the Doctor for a total of 3 minutes and you’re out the door? Not here. Because we do training AND rehab, we move around A LOT. When you see us for our 1 hour long follow-ups, you better believe we are doing lots of active therapy where we might do anything from using resistance bands to picking up weight. We believe you can’t go wrong getting strong.

You’ve Got Our Attention & Time

Have you ever been to other clinics where you just feel rushed out the door and they move on to the next person? Maybe you get pushed to a tech or assistant and see someone different every time who has to play catch up? We get a lot of clients who say, “I felt like cattle getting pushed through so they can move on”. That doesn’t happen here.

You are the priority and because of that you spend all your time with your Therapist or Trainer, one on one. This ensures that all your questions are answered and all your concerns are addressed.

What Are Your Thoughts On This & How Does That Make You Feel?

At the MMC, we focus on active therapy, education, and reframing previous thoughts on pain. We call this a patient-centered approach because it puts you in the driver’s seat and gives you an active role in your recovery. We’re here to guide you through and give you the best information to make informed decisions about your care.

We include your needs and emotions behind decisions and treatments because who doesn’t like having control over their pain and recovery?

Face to Face Or Through a Computer Screen

We have modern in our name for a reason. We understand that your life is busy and that making the drive or trip to clinic can be hard. We’ve developed a system for that where you can meet with us at the clinic or via video conference call/telehealth.

This helps with giving you back some time in your day and prevent unnecessary visits if we don’t need to see you personally at the moment. Think of this as an option when you just need to get some quick advice or ask a few questions instead of covering more hands-on concepts or better prepare you for a longer visit in the future.

We Work Well With Others

Are you a 40-year-old mother of 3 who is training for a marathon? What about an 18-year-old high school student who takes a bunch of honors classes and is the starting quarterback for the varsity team? Maybe a 28-year-old who works 10+ hours a day trying to get that money? Let’s find the best way for you to get your movement snacks and therapy in. Everyone’s rehab plan can look different even though they might have the same diagnosis.

Do you work with a running coach or a trainer? Are you being referred from an Orthopedist, Podiatrist, or other Clinician for rehab? You won’t be the first person sent our way and won’t be the last. Doctors think we’re wicked smart and like our modern approach. We do well with coordinating a plan to complement what you’re already doing or devising a plan with your other Clinicians.