Our Three Step Process

When you work with us at Modern Movement Clinic, you find out how different we are. Look below at our process in working with you to get rid of your pain.

Identifying the True Cause of Your Pain

You may have been to multiple other places already. We know your frustration. We get a lot of clients who come to us telling us stories of waiting weeks to months before being seen, only to get about 10 to 15 minutes of either speaking with that practitioner or face to face work with that therapist. They’re happy to tell you what’s wrong with you but throw out terms like “misalignment” “muscles are shut off” and “short legs” without doing any real testing or assessment. Additionally, they don’t really give you a rationale as to WHY this happened to you specifically.

We can’t have any resolve if we don’t know why this pain happened in the first place.

At the MMC, we do a TON of testing. We do this because we know nobody feels, thinks, and moves the same way as the next person. Everyone is built differently, has their own history, and comes from different backgrounds. This is why we not only do a lot of testing, we spend A LOT of time in conversation too because we wanna know YOUR story.

All this allows us to get a better understanding of what’s going on and WHY it’s going on.

Work Together On Exercise & Treatment – Specifically For YOU

Once we’ve heard your story and do extensive testing to find where to focus our efforts, we will sit down and work on a comprehensive plan to start addressing things. We know you have work, kids, or perhaps you are traveling from far away. We can work with it all. We can work on a plan together that is tailored to you and your goals to get you back to your activity and feeling more like yourself.

Whether your goal is getting back to race season, getting back to the field in your sport, or just being able to just fulfill your role at home of being Mom or Dad.

We know you might be skeptical or on the fence if Modern Movement Clinic is right for you. This is why we offer the option of scheduling your own time to have a FREE 15 minute conversation with us to make sure we fit with your goals.

Increase Your Reslience & Performance

We’re obviously working to eliminate pain. However, once we get you back to exericsing and moving more pain free, what’s next? Let’s work together to increase your performance even higher than what it was before you were injured! With all the testing we’ve done prior, we can use these as markers to not only see if you are moving out of the pain phase but improving your performance as well.

That way you can not only reach our goals, you can exceed them and move to the future!

If this sounds like something you want in your life, let’s link up. Reach out below and find out how you can start changing your story.

Client Testimonials

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    melanie white Avatar melanie white

    I came in with a lot of hip pain, after trying several other physical therapists, yoga, and strengthening and stretching over the last 5 years. Dr. Jesse ultimately pinpointed... Read More

    Greg Gorman Avatar Greg Gorman

    Dr. Jesse has been great and I highly recommend him! I was referred to him by my personal trainer to address some of my limitations/struggles.

    Here are some things about him... Read More

    Kristie Lukowicz Avatar Kristie Lukowicz
  • Dr. Jesse Riley is not your typical chiropractor in the best way. He treats holistically by identifying the route cause of the issue. He incorporates strength training into treatment. It... Read More

    Hillary Osborne Avatar Hillary Osborne

    I had a chronic pain in my shoulder and collarbone for 3 or 4 years, maybe more. I didn’t think anything could be done about it. I didn’t... Read More

    Chris Triolo Avatar Chris Triolo

    Great compassionate doctor, always showing concern and solutions for your problerms.

    Sue Brunke Avatar Sue Brunke
  • I have nothing but praise and gratitude for Jesse! I had been experiencing back pain for over a year. Having seen multiple practitioners, medical doctors and trying every holistic approach... Read More

    Lisa Fowler Avatar Lisa Fowler

    Jesse is an incredible PT and Chiro. I started seeing Jesse back in Sept 2021 for a torn muscle in my hip, and we also decided to work on a... Read More

    Joey Betori Avatar Joey Betori

    Dr. Jesse!! For context, I am a personal trainer and in the “movement is medicine” camp and am wary of prefab/rehab programs that dismiss strength training.

    So: Whenever I encourage somebody... Read More

    Anne Reuss Avatar Anne Reuss
  • I am so excited to have found Dr.Jesse..he takes an innovative approach to rehabilitation and is very creative in the ways he teaches your body to heal itself. He's personable... Read More

    Linda Pettit Avatar Linda Pettit

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