At Modern Movement Clinic, the focus is on you. We call this a patient-centered approach. During your consultations and visits, we are focusing our testing and treatment based on you. What may work for your neighbor, won’t always work well for you.

We initially spend time working through what are the true factors that are manifesting your pain and work on educating you on reasons why this may be and how to move through this phase. We can make these principles more simple to understand through video analysis and proper education during our visits. One must understand this is a process and should be treated as such. This is where sometimes having someone to help you through the harder portions is key. We tackle this and navigate through this together. After all, we are on this trip together. We will inevitably have days where we are low on gas, get a flat tire, or hit some traffic but ultimately will arrive at our destination.


Dr. Jesse Riley


Our goal is creating a sense of empowerment and mindfulness that allows you to get to be the person you envision yourself to be moving forward. We build a relationship based on a foundation of clarity, honesty, and authenticity. Now let’s get started.

After starting his career in the Nashville, TN area, Dr. Jesse has made the greater Denver, CO area his home with his wife, Hilary, and expanding family. When he’s not seeing patients, you can find him creating content and staying updated on the most cutting-edge therapies. In his free time, he loves running, lifting heavy in the gym, learning about smoking meats and cooking, playing fantasy football, spending time with his wife and baby boy, and grabbing a pint with friends in one of Denver’s many breweries. He has been on multiple podcasts along with guest speaking seminars and clinics.



Podcast Appearances

Pain can create so many emotions and reactions. In addition, external sources (friends, family, strangers, and practitioners) and media’s portrayals of how to treat and think about your pain can feel overwhelming. This can lead to confusion, fear, and a sense of helplessness. Let us do the thinking! You deserve an approach focused on you and centered on your specific needs. At MMC, we are committed to a patient-centered approach.

Client Testimonials

  • I had a chronic pain in my shoulder and collarbone for 3 or 4 years, maybe more. I didn’t think anything could be done about it. I didn’t... Read More

    Chris Triolo Avatar Chris Triolo

    I came in with a lot of hip pain, after trying several other physical therapists, yoga, and strengthening and stretching over the last 5 years. Dr. Jesse ultimately pinpointed... Read More

    Greg Gorman Avatar Greg Gorman

    I have nothing but praise and gratitude for Jesse! I had been experiencing back pain for over a year. Having seen multiple practitioners, medical doctors and trying every holistic approach... Read More

    Lisa Fowler Avatar Lisa Fowler
  • Jesse is an incredible PT and Chiro. I started seeing Jesse back in Sept 2021 for a torn muscle in my hip, and we also decided to work on a... Read More

    Joey Betori Avatar Joey Betori

    I am so excited to have found Dr.Jesse..he takes an innovative approach to rehabilitation and is very creative in the ways he teaches your body to heal itself. He's personable... Read More

    Linda Pettit Avatar Linda Pettit

    Dr. Jesse has been great and I highly recommend him! I was referred to him by my personal trainer to address some of my limitations/struggles.

    Here are some things about him... Read More

    Kristie Lukowicz Avatar Kristie Lukowicz
  • Dr. Jesse!! For context, I am a personal trainer and in the “movement is medicine” camp and am wary of prefab/rehab programs that dismiss strength training.

    So: Whenever I encourage somebody... Read More

    Anne Reuss Avatar Anne Reuss

    Dr. Jesse Riley is not your typical chiropractor in the best way. He treats holistically by identifying the route cause of the issue. He incorporates strength training into treatment. It... Read More

    Hillary Osborne Avatar Hillary Osborne

    Great compassionate doctor, always showing concern and solutions for your problerms.

    Sue Brunke Avatar Sue Brunke
  • Dr Jesse Riley has been a tremendous help to me over the past few years and I highly recommend him to any athlete struggling with injuries big or small or... Read More

    melanie white Avatar melanie white

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